Sleep in your own bed!

I’ve never had much luck with getting babies/kids to sleep, so I was surprised when Baby #4,  was easy to settle into a routine. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Now I’m back to square one and I don’t know what to do!

All my children have slept in their cot from the beginning and B was no different. At bedtime I’d just tuck him in and he’d easily settle himself to sleep. He wakes up for his feed, then he’s straight back into the cot and settles again. I’m not sure what happened, but now things are different.

Ever since he was able to pull himself to stand in his cot, he just despises being in there. Even at nap times during the day now too. I put him in bed and he just cries, rolls over and gets up. Proceeding to wail until I collect him. And he can cry for a good hour.

The only time I can get him into his bed to sleep is when he is already asleep. Even then, he has to be well zonked in order to placed in bed. It’s like he has this built in height sensor, and can tell when he is being lowered and will wake up before he even touches the mattress!

He wakes up only once a night for a feed, but now once he is finished I cannot get him to go back to sleep in his own bed. I have a mattress on the floor next to his cot, just so I can lay down with him and get him back to sleep. It’s a habit I’m struggling to break.

In addition to this, I also have the other 3 kids alternating sleeping in my bed with me. So each night I go to my own bed, sharing with one of the 3 older kids, then in the middle of the night I switch to the babies room.

I think once B starts sleeping through the night I won’t have this issue anymore. But my other children didn’t start sleeping through until they were 2 years old! What will I do!? What would you do? When did your babies start sleeping through?

Only in my dreams – Part One

I have pretty screwed up dreams sometimes so I thought I would try to write one down. This is as far as I had time for today, but hopefully I can find time to write the rest before I forget what happened!

ON a grassy mountainside by a river, a small crowd was gathering. “Nothing is more persuasive than eating a part of a family member”, the man whispered to a young woman as he stood her at a fence. Opposite her, only a few meters away, stood a man with a knife.

“If he doesn’t agree to my terms, you will eat this and then he will probably cut it from your throat”, the man said, with a dirty smirk on his face. In the woman’s hand was a non-descript meat, wrapped in a thin pastry. She looked in despair to the man with the knife, silently pleading with him, telling him she had nothing to do with whatever was going on here, but he looked like he was ready to cut her throat in an instant, if it came to that. By the stubborn look on his face, you could tell he wasn’t about to agree to anything the first man had put to him. “I won’t do it!!” the woman shouted as she tried to run, but the first man grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

Struggling beneath the man, something in the sky caught her eye. A flash of white, that was getting bigger by the second. The woman screamed. “There’s something in the sky! It’s going to hit us!!!”, people in the small crowed began looking around. “I’m not falling for that”, the man said with disgust as the flash passed over them into the distance. Flash! Again, another white object came into view,  this time falling faster than before and directly the at them. The woman screamed again and thrashed violently in an attempt to get free. Moments later a huge piece of debris crashed into the earth only meters away, shaking the ground with its impact. People ran screaming as more flashes filled the sky and debris came raining down.

The woman  now free of her captor, began running up the mountain in the direction of the falling objects in an attempt to get through the place they were landing, but it was no use, it was too late. She ran back down again dodging hunks of metal as the crashed down all around her, and headed for the river.

The tree-lined riverside had been made into a make-shift village. Log huts and shelters were poorly built, as though no-one had planned on being here long-term. Not that it mattered now, as the village was about to be rained on by debris.  As the woman approached the  riverside she saw that  so far it was untouched, the hunks of metal had either sailed over the top of the village, or had been embedded too deep at the top of the mountain that it hadn’t  made it to the bottom. The impact of the falling objects, however, was no match for the poorly constructed shelters. The woman witnessed a family, who had been sitting at a sheltered table on the riverbank, slide right into the water, still in their seats. She ran to them and as she frantically tried pull the remains of the shelter off of the family, some bystanders came to help. With their assistance they were able to retrieve the family from the water.

Looking back to the sky, the woman could now see whole aeroplanes flying overhead, but not at a normal speed; they were falling. “I need to get out of here, now”, the woman thought to herself. She ran to a nearby hut that was partially intact and found a backpack. She grabbed some flasks of water and through it in the pack. The only way she could go now was along the river. The riverbank on the other side was impossible to climb out of and would only take her further into the landing place of debris, and those whole aeroplanes. She jumped into the water and swam to the other side and found herself a small crevice she could use as resting place. It was too muddy to climb, but she could hold herself there slightly out of sight.

Back on the mountainside a small aircraft came into view momentarily before seemingly disappearing. The woman watched as the ship made itself invisible, a ripple in the sky the only indicator it was still there. It began heading toward the riverside village.

Now terrified, the woman knew she had to hurry. Keeping as close to the riverbank as she could she let the current take her down the river. The village was still in sight when a ship crashed over the top of the mountain, still upright but dug deep into the earth. It slowed for a moment, but then began sliding down the mountainside towards the village, and the river. “When that ship reaches the river..”, the woman thought to herself and began swimming as fast as she could. She reached a bend where the river forks off into a small creek. She followed the creek, which soon dried out, and then she started to run. The creek bed went through an almost cave-like crevice in the hillside, with the entranced partially covered by trees. Passing through the trees she came across a small group of people.

They were instantly suspicious of her. It looked as though they had been hiding out there for a while. Without saying a word, the woman slowly took a flask out of her bag and offered it to the group. They cautiously accepted it, and then allowed the woman to enter. “We’re about to get flooded,” the woman said to the group, “we need to move now.”. Without hesitation, the group quickly gathered themselves and they all began to move. They ran out the other side of the crevice, out into relatively flat open fields. Looking back from the middle of the fields they could see the river water pouring out. They continued to run.

Suddenly a small plane appeared from over the hillside behind them and from around the side of the hill came a few men on horseback, heading straight for them. The plane flew low, and the men on horses began snatching people. The woman ran toward a tree hoping she could take shelter there, but a man grabbed her and pulled her onto his horse behind him, then threw her bag away. Still afraid, but glad to be heading further away from the flood waters and raining debris, she held onto the man as they rode across the fields.

The headed around a hill into a forested area and rode through the trees until the sounds of crashing began to quieten. They rode silently until they reached a clearing and a tower came into view. It was old, covered in moss and vines. The woman thought it looked as though it was partially constructed of children’s play equipment, with its bright colours, metal bars and plastic shapes.

“Wow..”, the woman said in awe of the unusual structure before her. The man turned his head to look at her, “You like it?..”, the man asked her in a confused tone. He slowed the horse to stop by the tower. “It looks like…fun? To climb, I mean.” said the woman, in an equally confused tone. It had been some time since she had considered something to be fun. It touched on a vague memory, but she shook it away.

“What’s going on?” she asked the man as helped her down off the horse. “I can’t tell you”, the man said as went inside the tower. She followed him inside and found that the tower had a very high tech set up inside. Lights, buttons, dials – it reminded her of a pilots cockpit.

A long time coming

“Finally, it’s happened to me, right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it!”

The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” couldn’t be truer. Since having kids my chances of landing a job seemed to have decreased with each new addition to my family. This is partially (I presume, or hope) because there aren’t too many places around here that offer work during school hours, and let you pick what days you want to work.

For the last 6 years I have been looking for employment. That’s a long time. I applied for job after job, but only ever got about 4 call backs and no job offers. I think 3 of those times I was certain that I had the job, but in the end it went to someone else.

It’s disheartening. Whenever I got too down about I would try studying, but even with the “flexible” study options the load was still more than I would have like. It was enough to keep me busy at times, and give me a break from job hunting long enough to want to start looking again.

Having no money sucks so I began doing some freelance work which stemmed out of a hobby. It has helped me earn a little extra cash, but it’s not enough to get by on. I continued looking for work within a 200km radius of where I live. I applied for anything that could possibly suit the hours I was available, even the really shitty jobs, but I was still declined. I handed resumes around town (which most places no longer accept, because it’s all online applications now), but never heard from any of them.

On Wednesday I received a text from my sister asking if I would like to do a trial day of work the next day. A friend of a friend of my sister’s was looking for an extra housekeeper at the motel they manage, which my sister began working at herself only last month. They needed more workers and my sister was kind enough to offer up my name. The following day I went along to learn the ropes and have my trial, and was told they would call me to let me know if I they wanted me back. Surprisingly, they did actually call me! About half an hour after I left I received a phone call offering me 3 set days of work each week. Success!

Now I actually have a job like a real grown up adult type person. After 6 years or so, I am finally back in the workplace. It has been a long time coming.


Feeling the Burn

Many things have been burning around here lately. The most significant of these being all the bushland and several homes. Here in Victoria we’ve had a combination of shitty weather, dry landscapes and dumb f@#ks with matches staring fires all over.

Last week I nearly got stuck down the line as the highway and back routes were being closed off, and I had only gone that way a few hours beforehand. Fires move so quickly, and the smoke .. well it just blankets everything and makes it hard to tell which way is up.

If you click the image below you can enlarge it. There are three separate fires in this picture I took from out the back of Newborough.


Then there’s the burn of muscular kind. I’ve been getting my body moving and with exercise, roller skating, 6am bootcamp and moving furniture – well my muscles are definitely burning!

The final kind I’m talking about is the burn out. I think I’ve really over-done it this week, and I have crashed. By lunch time today I earned a migraine, a sick feeling in my stomach (which I filled with 8 dim sims, but still felt sick after) and pretty much just dropped dead. Except for the being dead part.

I think I will try to take it a little easier next week.

Flat out like a lizard drinking

That’s been me for the last couple weeks. Well, that’s been everyone really, hasn’t it? Aside from getting the kidlets ready for school (including preparing Kid 3 for his very first day of prep!), I’ve also been busy putting my New Year resolutions into practice.

Happiness. That was my focus for the new year and I’m getting there. In order to be happy with my body and health/fitness, I have signed up for 12WBT which begins officially on the 3rd of February. Leading up to this I have been getting out and about, going for a 5km walk most days and being more aware about what I am eating. Just being able to go for a kid free walk is an amazing feeling. Listening to music while I walk has a significant impact on my mood too.

Financially, in order to be ‘happy’ I need to some how earn enough money that I don’t have to stress about whether I can buy petrol this week or not. To combat this I have decided to start a new business venture! I’m already self employed doing some solo stuff, but in addition to this I have decided to partner up (because business can get lonely when your solo) and start something new, that will hopefully ease a little financial tension. It’s very exciting stuff!

Socially, I need to get out and see friends more, or call them or something to check if they even remember who I am. I’ll be trying out for roller derby this week! So that will be interesting and fun and a laugh, and hard work haha. Wish me luck with that one. I am looking forward to meeting new people :)

Another thing I am looking forward to is the Digital Parents Conference, which is being held on a Carnival Cruise ship. I’ve never been on a cruise before, so this is going to be awesome!!!

I still have a to-do list as long as my arm though, like getting ‘the house’ ready for sale, or possibly rent; I’ve got a stack of sewing to get done, more birthdays to plan, and I still have a 3/4 finished bench seat I started building a year ago to finish LOL! So many things I haven’t remembered.