Baby can move

My little Bubba has been rolling around the floor since 3 months, pushing himself backwards from 5 months, and just doing weird contortionist type moves to try and transport himself from Point A to Point B. But now, as of today, my littlest man is officially able to propel himself in a forwardly direction. I’m calling it crawling, though it’s more like a cross between a caterpillaring motion and that dragging motion that half dead and injured people/villains/zombies do in the movies. And it’s adorable. When he sees something he wants, usually my car keys, he just goes for gold and it’s his! Soon he will be unstoppable.

He’s growing up way too fast. He already has two teeth, can sit for a short time unassisted, and loves his food. Real food. Recently we tried giving him some ‘Bangers N Mash’ baby food but he screamed like it was poison; handed him a piece of bacon to chew on and he was as happy as a pig in mud! Tonight he tried some real mashed potato, and he loved it so much he snatched it from the fork to stuff in his gob before the fork got to face. He loves banana, toast, and quite enjoyed a bit gingerbread at Christmas. So he’s already keen to eat whatever everyone else is eating.

One thing about Bubba that doesn’t appear to be growing, though, is his hair. He probably had more hair than any of my babies when he was born (and darkest) but then it kind of just fell out and he grew a thicker, lighter, hair. Only about a cm or so.

So I wonder when he will reach his next milestone? My other kids didn’t start walking until a little after 12 months, so am I in for 6 months of crawling? it seems like a long time. I don’t recall how long the others crawled for. I think I will definitely need a baby jail very very soon, to stop Bubba getting into everything. I think I’ll go order one online now…


  1. Claire says

    Haha, babies and bacon, that was my youngest’s favourite food too, even before she had teeth she’d gum on it until it lost its flavour and then spit it out. She hated baby food too, never had a bar of it and I ended up giving the fruity ones to my oldest who still eats them given the chance.

    Getting to the point when you will have to start moving things a couple of feet higher :)

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