The Christmas (pressure) Cooker

Christmas day has arrived and for the second time in a row I won’t be bringing anything to the table.

Each year we have either a Lunch or Dinner with my family at my parents place. We usually make something each to bring along but I just haven’t been motivated able to find time to fit it in. I like doing it. I want to do it. But it just hasn’t happened. This year I was going to make a gingerbread cheesecake with a gingerbread house on top, and last year I think I was just going to do a big gingerbread house as a center piece.

I used to bake things all the time, before bubba came along. Even while I was pregnant with bubba, I was stick making birthday cakes, stuff for the kids lunch boxes, bread..but the desire has somewhat dissolved. So now, again, I won’t be taking something along to Christmas dinner, and I feel a bit guilty about not doing it when everyone else will be putting in all this effort, and I just show up to eat their work.

But! I did, however,  manage to cook can okay Christmas Eve dinner for us. A roast turkey dinner. The turkey was pre-cooked but it still counts. Especially when it’s tasty.

What do you whip up around Christmas time? Any recipes to share?



  1. Claire says

    I do fruit cakes, some for family, some to sell at playgroup. I usually intend to do shortbread and gingerbread, either cookies or a house, but I think we have managed the house once, from pieces bought from a bakery, assembled and decorated at home, but that’s been all.

  2. nikkie says

    well this year I didn’t do anything we ran away for Christmas and had Christmas on the beach it was way better than being at home baking and cooking but usually I bring a potato salad apparently mine is the best that most people have had (I even get asked to bring it to everyone’s bbq’s as well lol

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