Mission Impossible – AKA Finding Girls Navy School Shorts

What is the deal here? What is it so impossible to find nice school shorts for girls? The only options for girls seem to be skorts, bike shorts or leggings. That’s ridiculous.

Are girls not aloud to wear shorts? Why do boys get five hundred types of navy cotton shorts (with/without pockets, cargo, different lengths, different fastenings), but girls get nothing. Or you find something that may be suitable but they cost about $30 a pair.

Don’t get me started on girls school pants either! Too late. Seriously though, The only affordable options I can ever find are wither unisex trackies or those yoga-esque pants with that V shaped waistband. I’m pretty sure girls don’t need their hipster stretch pants with a dipping V pointing to their crotch.

Help me out here, where do you get girls school pants or shorts from? I may have to design my own. I could become a MILLIONAIRE!!


  1. Soni says

    Last year we got navy blue shorts from Kmart and you can also get them from those school uniform shops (where they’re quite expensive, which is why we got ours from Kmart!). Good luck! Or why don’t you just get boys’ ones?

  2. Brenda K says

    I know how you feel especially with the pants daughter starting high school and they not allowed jeans or leggings (like her primary school had) the only thing can find in navy (but still not her size) are tracksuit pants and when your daughter is a small skinny stick these look terrible on her if your lucky enough to get them to do up tight enough

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